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my favorite marco bodt factoid is that the creator of SNK got asked why marco kept showing up in the list of people who are alive and he said that he had forgotten who marco even was


Cameron Esposito on homophobic heckles


so many questions



My 1 Year Old Beatboxing Niece

Vine by iLLyNoiiZe



some dumb erejeans 




imagine after first contact with the vulcans there were all kinds of programs for cultural exchange so you had a bunch of vulcan ambassadors being shown prime examples of the human cultural experience and one of those examples was a group of vulcans being taken to the superbowl just standing there in their proper vulcan robes in between half naked humans with their faces painted, shouting and waving giant foam hands, and the vulcans were given giant foam hands, and they were like ‘what in surak’s name is this’

Vulcan ambassadors at a rock concert

Vulcan ambassadors at Oktoberfest

Vulcan ambassadors getting lost in The Mall of America

Vulcan ambassadors appearing as special guests on various talk shows including Ellen, Oprah, and the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson

Vulcan ambassadors writing research reports upon the bizarre human phenomena of “reality tv shows” even though these shows clearly do not represent an authentic reality

Vulcan ambassadors being persuaded to wear snuggies and eat popcorn and watch The Wizard of Oz

vulcan ambassadors on roller coasters, picking up their mid-ride photographs after, all of their faces like “:|” next to the humans beside them all “:O!”

vulcan ambassadors observing human fans of boy bands, wondering what about their pheromones could possibly cause such mass hysteria

vulcan ambassadors taken to halloween parades, where humans are dressed up as vulcans

vulcan ambassadors treated to a stack of pancakes for the first time

vulcan ambassadors becoming addicted to comic books, memorizing every plot point and retcon

vulcan ambassadors at a water park. they do not trust it.